Using Show On The Cloud as a Collaboration Tool

We’ve talked to you before about how Show On The Cloud is great if you need an online presentation tool or a digital asset management system.


Make an Impressive Sales Presentation with Show On The Cloud

Sales teams need to have a large set of assets at hand to make business deals. They need to have an elevator pitch ready at all times to whip up something impressive when a prospective client shows interest.


Digital Asset Management for Nonprofits and Charity Organizations

We’ve talked about how charities are a lot like businesses. Digital Asset Management for nonprofits maybe a fairly new application for DAM, but it’s catching on.


Create an Interesting Online Presentation for Bored Audiences

If you’re familiar with the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’, you’ve probably lived through your share of boring presentations.


A Quick DAM Quiz – Do You Know These Terms?

Digital asset management is a vast field and has its own jargon. Test your DAM smarts with a few terms that are commonly used in the industry.


Get a Free Music App with Your Show On The Cloud Account!

If you’re a singer/musician/rapper/ a quartet/in a band, there’s only one thing that stands between you and fame: a way to get people to hear your music.


Are You One of the 7 Types of People Who Need Online Presentation Tools?

Online presentations have evolved over time to include a wide range of functionalities and better aesthetics, so anyone who wants to say something can say it in style. Take a look at the seven types of people who will benefit the most from online presentation tools:


Showcasing Show On The Cloud’s Backend Application for the Chuck White Music App

So we’ve already told you how Show On The Cloud doubles up as an online presentation tool and as a Digital Asset Management system. But the possibilities don’t end there. We can also act as a backend server for your apps.