4 File Security Issues that Every One Dreads

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When a file is encrypted, it is safe in transit. However, once it reaches the other end, the security of a file is entirely in the hands of the person who gets it.

And once it reaches the cloud or gets passed out of a secure network, all bets are off.
This inability to secure files is a major problem for companies that need to make sure sensitive and confidential information is completely under their control. This post talks about some of the file security issues that people and organizations face.
Mobile devices
More and more mobile devices are being used to access enterprise networks every year as people prefer using devices with specs that suit their needs, rather than standard company-issued systems, laptops or phones.
Although these devices go through multi-step authentication and companies take steps to have stringent BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) regulations, malware can still slip in through the cracks and compromise security. Also, lost devices are as big a security threat as lost laptops.
The Cloud
Once people start switching between devices for their work, it’s natural that they’ll want their files in one place from where they can access them using any device. File storage and sharing applications like Dropbox are convenient and easy to use, but they’re not entirely secure.
While IT guys may not store confidential data in Dropbox, it’s possible that company-related data that they thought to be innocuous could be of value to hackers. Or their non-IT colleagues could be using these services to store the files that they send them. In either case, their sensitive files wind up in a cloud-based server which is a nightmare for the security conscious.
Data breaches
A data breach can happen when files are lost, credentials are stolen or through backdoor applications. Once a data breach happens, it’s very difficult to track without managed file transfer. Take a look at some of the worst data breaches that have happened in the past decade.
Human Error
Some major data breaches occur because people intentionally or unintentionally leak confidential files within the workplace. In the personal sphere, files containing personal information, passwords, and important figures may be mishandled by a friend or a trusted person who has access to it. Indiscriminate sharing of files because of a lack of awareness about file security is another huge file security issue.
To avoid expensive and disastrous mistakes, keep yourself updated with the latest in file system security. It’s always better to enable authentication and permissions for files whether you’re sending them over a secure enterprise network or an open network. And we can help you with that.
Read our next post to learn how Show on the Cloud can help you securely transfer and control access to your files.

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