A Quick DAM Quiz – Do You Know These Terms?

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Digital asset management is a vast field and has its own jargon. Test your DAM smarts with a few terms that are commonly used in the industry.

You can calculate your score at the end of the quiz. If you’re stumped about what a term means, simply scroll down for the answers.
  1. Brand asset management
  2. DRM
  3. Metadata
  4. Digital Content Management
  5. KeyWording
  6. Digitisation
  7. SaaS
  8. Data Migration
  9. Ingestion
  10. Derivative Files
Here’s what your score means:
I know all these terms – DAM runs in your blood. Keep being awesome.
I got 7-9 of them right – You’re on fire! Your near-perfect score tells us you must be creating or using DAM services already.
I’m pretty sure about 4-6 of them – Almost there. You can try using a DAM service and reading up on it, if you aren’t already.

They all seem familiar, but I’m not sure – Don’t worry. If you’re just starting out, keep following our blog and we’ll tell you what DAM services are and how they’re insanely useful. You’ll be a pro in no time.
The Answers:
  1. Brand Asset Management – It deals with DAM services and systems that solely cater to managing brand and marketing assets.
  2. DRM – DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It refers to technology and practices that are in place to prevent illegal use of digital assets.
  3. Metadata – Data about data. They’re usually the short informative descriptions that you give to assets.
  4. Digital Content Management – Almost the same as DAM. Only differs in that it is specifically about media content and not general digital assets. Used to prevent confusion.
  5. KeyWording – Assigning keywords to assets as metadata to help catalogue them.
  6. Digitisation – Conversion of physical assets to digital assets.
  7. SaaS – Stands for Software as a Service. SaaS products are applications that work on a subscription model. For example, Show On The Cloud is a SaaS product.
  8. Data Migration – Moving data from systems or databases that are currently in use to a new system.
  9. Ingestion – It basically refers to uploading your assets or feeding them into a DAM system.
  10. Derivative files – Any assets that are derived from your original asset like smaller or lower quality images.
All these terms have been taken from the DAM glossary. They have a much more extensive and detailed list that you’ll love if you’re a DAM enthusiast. If you’re really into it, you can even contribute terms they’ve missed out on.
If you want to learn more about how a DAM service works, sign up for our free plan and find out how it can simplify your organization’s asset management woes.

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