Acupuncture through Show On The Cloud

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In an earlier post titled “How you can SHOWcialize your CRM Software”, we talked about different hypothetical scenarios where Show On The Cloud can help. Now, let’s transport ourselves to another hypothetical world where Show On The Cloud can be of a great help.The world of Acupuncture!

For those that do not know what acupuncture is, you can read about it here.

The following is a testimonial written by an acupuncturist who used Show On The Cloud to help his patient:

The other day a patient of mine was travelling abroad for a couple of weeks on business. Three days into the trip, she was struck down with flu and a bout of food poisoning. She had become so used to an acupuncture treatment for everything that she was hesitant to visit a doctor. So the first thing she did was call me. I tried my best to help her over the phone, but really, there is only so much you can do over the phone. So what did I do next? Yup, I used Show On The Cloud! And how wonderful it was!
I sent her a Show with a few files about acupuncture. There were a couple of documents, including acupuncture “how to’s” and her medical record. I added a lot of clear and precise pictures and illustrations of all the pressure points she had to press. I even included a short three minute video of me explaining how to press the pressure points! Through the in-built messaging feature in Show On The Cloud, I maintained a constant back and forth with her, constantly keeping track of her progress. It was so easy to view the Show and follow my instructions, that she was cleared within a day!
But this got me thinking. Why can’t other doctors and health practitioners deliver long distance help this way? There are so many of us who are comfortable with our own neighborhood doctor, who we have been seeing for 10+ years, that when we travel, we do not feel comfortable consulting with other doctors. All you have to do is upload the files onto Show On The Cloud, documents, pictures, animations, videos etc, and send them. You can beautifully organize the files in a sequential manner so your patients can follow a step by step process. It is that simple!
As a doctor, I know that I will always feel comfortable using Show On The Cloud and their secure file sharing and management system to upload all information related to my patients, even confidential health records.
So that was a wonderful testimonial to Show On The Cloud written by a doctor client of ours. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new way of using Show On The Cloud.
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