Are You One of the 7 Types of People Who Need Online Presentation Tools?

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Online presentations have evolved over time to include a wide range of functionalities and better aesthetics, so anyone who wants to say something can say it in style. Take a look at the seven types of people who will benefit the most from online presentation tools:

1. Entrepreneurs and Marketing Professionals

They make sales pitches, send sample content to clients, share content online, speak at gatherings and repurpose and organize content for later use. They need to constantly be in touch with other people in their organization, pick and choose from all the assets the company generates and create new ones.

It’s not hard to see why they need online presentation tools. Many of them will weep with joy if they get their hands on something that makes their content look brilliant.

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2. Charity Organizers

Charities are a lot like businesses. They make their pitches through ads, market themselves to potential contributors, receive and manage money, and keep track of how that money is spent. And like businesses, they need to create content for raising awareness and attracting contributors, and generate content to tell them how and where the money is being spent.

Images, photographs, articles, presentations, graphs, charts, and spreadsheets – charity organizers use them all and they need online presentation tools in the same way entrepreneurs and marketing guys do.

3. Teachers and Students

Teaching aids and materials are getting more and more innovative as e-learning picks up. In addition to this, many schools have A/V sessions and hi-tech, interactive classrooms. Online presentation tools help teachers create engaging content, interact with their students on their level and easily estimate the students’ level of understanding. Students use them to create homework presentations and projects.

4. Techies and Geeks

Engineers, scientists, authors, architects – all of them have something to say and it may or may not be in the professional arena. An author might want to pitch her next book with an online presentation. A comic book fan might want a timeline showcasing how a Marvel character changed over the years. A scientist might want to share his findings on covalent bonds.  Whatever the reason, they share a lot of content within their community.

5. Designers

We’ve already talked about how designers can use Show On The Cloud. Designers are some of the main content creators in organizations and many of them need to collaborate with clients and other designers to improve their work and get it approved. Online presentation tools take a huge load off of them.

6. Photographers

Professional photographers need proper DAM services. But what about people who take pictures on their point and click cameras and mobile phones? People mostly take pictures to share them with others and having a visually pleasing way to present those pictures adds to the experience.

7. Artists

Artists are high frequency creators of original content. Musicians, singers, digital artists, painters, sculptors, fashion designers all need online presentation tools. And since they’re highly creative, they will place emphasis on how visually impressive the tool is and how it makes their work look or sound.

If you fit into any of these categories, try out Show On The Cloud. We can help you create great looking online presentations that you can share with anyone, at anytime.

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