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Show On The Cloud

2013 has been a good year for Show On The Cloud and we’re looking forward to growing bigger and better in 2014.

So you can expect Show On The Cloud to be cleaner and easier to use, and updates that will help you send better presentations, both online and offline.
In the meanwhile, we have a blog that keeps you updated with interesting news and information about digital asset management, online presentations and everything related to creating great shows that will get shared. And before we move on to fresh content in 2014, here’s a quick recap of Show On The Cloud’s best content in 2013.

Create an Interesting Online Presentation for Bored Audiences

Creating a good presentation is not an easy task. The ideas in this post can convert dry content into interesting presentations that demand attention and get it.

Interesting Online Presentation

A Quick DAM Quiz – Do You Know These Terms?

Test your DAM smarts with this quick quiz! If you’re new to digital asset management, this can get you started with a few simple terms that are used extensively in the DAM world.

DAM terms

Exploring DAM Services for Professional Photographers

Professional photographers handle large volumes of data. Read how DAM systems can help them handle all this data efficiently.


Why You Can’t Ignore DAM If You’re a Growing Company

If you’re growing, your data is growing with you. Have you made arrangements to store and use all the additional data that accumulate?

DAM growing company

Get a Free Music App with Your Show On The Cloud Account!

This was our best offer in 2013. And it still stands!

free music app

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