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sales presentations

“So how many sales representatives do you have?”

This is a question we frequently ask companies when we pitch Show On The Cloud to them. Many have ten to fifty representatives at least, some of them constantly on the move. And some of their biggest challenges are collaboration, communication and access to relevant marketing materials.
But it doesn’t have to be so challenging. The problem here is not the size of the team. If anything, having a large sales force is a big advantage because it lets you reach so many more potential customers. The problem comes in when your processes are decentralized.
You have good tools to take care of your sales activities, but then again you’re left switching between them for collaboration, client communication, file sharing and creating sales presentations. That’s not very efficient and it can be downright maddening at times. It doesn’t have to be that way.

How Easy Can It Be?

Imagine that two of your sales reps, let’s call them Amy and Dan, have an important client meeting at 2 in the afternoon. Amy is at the office and needs images and videos to showcase to the client.
Amy simply logs into her account at Show On The Cloud where she uploads the images, documents and videos that Dan wants. There is a clear versioning system to eliminate ambiguity and Amy can also set permissions to control who can see the show and download the files. She puts together a sales presentation or a ‘show’. Once she saves the show, it gets updated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere through the portfolio app.
Amy now sends a message to Dan via Show On The Cloud telling him that the show has been updated with the material he wanted. This message goes as an in-app notification to Dan’s iPad. He then downloads the show, and uses his tablet to give a presentation on an attractive, branded portfolio app offline. Once the presentation is over, the deal is struck and Dan sends the show to the clients via Show On The Cloud itself. No bulky emails that bounce, just a link that lets them view the show. The clients can now mark up their feedback on the images and videos as shown here:

sales presentations

She immediately sends a message to Dan who’s at the client’s location via Show On The Cloud telling him to go ahead with the sales presentation.
This message goes as an in-app notification to Dan’s iPad. The new show has been updated in the portfolio. He downloads it, and uses his tablet to give a presentation on an attractive, branded portfolio app offline.

sales presentations

Show On The Cloud is Your Direct Hotline to Customer Attention

With a tool that’s so efficient, smooth and easy-to use, and a sales presentation that‘s created to impress you can be sure that people are going to sit up and pay attention at all your sales meetings. No more death by PowerPoint. And large sales teams? No problem.
The attractive custom branded iPad app will let you showcase your best stuff online and offline wherever you are. In fact, you’re going to positively love showing it off.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us for more details and start making great sales presentations today!

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