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The Show On The Cloud team had an epiphany when a few of its customers started asking for help

We realized that Show On The Cloud would be the ideal solution for millions of businesses who are attaching large PPTs to emails and hoping that the end user has a PowerPoint player to view their PPT. Worse, if their customer or prospect is on the iPad, iPhone or Android, there is no effective way to quickly view presentations.
Now there are 3 ways to make presentations. You either Email them to your customer beforehand and download and play the presentations on their system. Or you carry around a USB drive and play it on their system. Or you carry your own notebook (You can’t do it on your iPad or Android tablets) and set it up and play the presentation. But here are the issues:


  • PowerPoint’s are usually large files. It’s not good “etiquette” to Email or download such large files on customers systems.
  • Not everybody, not all devices have PowerPoint. Imagine if you Email a PowerPoint presentation to a customer and he does not have PowerPoint? That’s bad right?
And that’s the beauty of Show On The Cloud. A Show with all your files (slides) can play anywhere on any device. Just open up the Show and click the play button and it will start playing like PowerPoint presentations. Your PowerPoint slides are now available ANYTIME on ANY device.
So how do you convert your PowerPoint’s into Shows? Easy!
1. Convert each slide of your PowerPoint into a JPEG or PNG image.
2. Upload these JPEG’s or PNG’s onto Show On The Cloud
3. Create a Show with the latest uploaded PowerPoint slides (PNG is preferred)
Don’t forget you can also move the slides around and categorize them so that the Show plays in your preferred order. Oh did I mention? You can also download the Show and play it offline on your iPad without an internet connection!

If you haven’t done so already, sign up and create an account now with Show On The Cloud and start converting your PowerPoint’s into beautiful Shows!

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