Create an Interesting Online Presentation for Bored Audiences

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Is your online presentation boring

If you’re familiar with the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’, you’ve probably lived through your share of boring presentations.

We understand that watching slide after slide of bullet points as someone reads through them is not what anyone calls engaging, which is why we let you create interesting online presentations that will keep the crowd captivated.
Making a fascinating presentation is an art, but creating an interesting online presentation doesn’t have to take a couple of books and a crash course to master. We’ve already talked about what a show is and how you can use the markup feature, so how can Show On The Cloud make a difference to your presentations? Here are a few tips.

Have a Great Cover Image

Upload a high quality cover image that will act as your thumbnail as well. Your cover page should be intriguing enough to grab attention and should let you begin your intro to the presentation without giving too much away. And it also looks good when your online presentation get passed around.
Is your online presentation boring

Be More Visual

Statistics and facts may add a lot of credibility to your presentation, but when you add bullet point after bullet point of information, your audience can’t process all that information at once and they’ll eventually stop trying to.
Get more creative and use images and videos that tell a story. Want to talk about how much you’ve grown from the company’s inception, show pictures of the original team and the team today. People won’t remember the number, but they’ll remember that you went from half a dozen people in a single room to a 200-strong company in a 4-storey building with its own cappuccino bar and a recreation room.

Use Videos for an Emotional Connect

Use videos for some comic relief when your presentations get too serious or information-heavy. If you’re raising awareness, introduce video interviews from affected people or get people’s opinions on tape and play them back. If you’re in the middle of a serious business presentation, use a famous clip from a TED talk or a part of a famous keynote presentation by Steve Jobs to set the mood.

Put in Some Music When the Visuals Do All the Talking

Whether you’re taking a breather in the middle of the presentation or you’ve included a brief recap of the presentation at the end, it’s nice to have some appropriate music fill in the audio gap. It will also let the crowd relax for a while and passively take in light content or visuals.
Try to create your own interesting online presentation with Show On The Cloud today and drop us a word about how it went!

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