DAM for Retail – Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

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Retail and e-commerce are more in need of DAM than ever.

As the competition and the opportunities to market go up, there is a need for more and more unique content for marketing products and services. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, End-of-Season sales and many other holiday discount sales require fresh content, images and videos that need to be put together as quickly as possible for campaigns. DAM for retail helps companies streamline this process.
So how can retailers use DAM to get quicken the marketing pace? Let’s take a look.
DAM for Retail
Content centralization and segregation
DAM stores all the content centrally which gets rid of duplicate content and versioning issues. Another problem arises when you need to segregate and organize a huge number of assets. With DAM for retail, you can link your assets with multiple channels, campaigns and your marketing calendar to retrieve just the right image when you need it.
Easy retrieval
This goes without being said. You can search for assets using keywords and if you have permission, quickly download or view them. This kind of easy access can help the marketing team get a visual idea of the campaign during the planning stage itself.
Permission-based access
This keeps assets confidential. In a fiercely competitive industry, ad campaign leaks or any unauthorized access to sensitive information can cost millions. DAM prevents this from happening.
Internal and external collaboration
Retail companies often collaborate with ad and marketing agencies. This back and forth between different organizations takes up a lot of time and leads to a lot of confusion. Also, assets will be passed around and modified within an organization itself. A DAM system keeps track of these assets and helps people collaborate within and outside the organization.
Repurpose existing content
Once a campaign is over and a year goes by, it gets buried under a ton of new material. Mostly, valuable images and photographs that can be reused elsewhere are forgotten. With DAM for retail, you can always go back to a particular time or campaign. Repurposing this content can help save both time and money.
If you’re into retail or have an ecommerce site and want an easy-to-implement DAM services, check out Show On The Cloud.

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