Digital Asset Management for Nonprofits and Charity Organizations

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Digital Asset Management for nonprofits

We’ve talked about how charities are a lot like businesses. Digital Asset Management for nonprofits maybe a fairly new application for DAM, but it’s catching on.

If you’re a part of a nonprofit organization or a charity, here are a few ways how DAM can increase your productivity and efficiency:

Archive your assets

If you’re a nonprofit you probably have a large amount of assets that are previous versions of your current assets or that may be outdated. With a digital asset management system in place, you can store all the assets you have without worrying about space or if you’ll lose track of an asset when you need it the most.

Retrieve on demand

You don’t have to wait on someone else to find that asset you need. It could be for an ad, a promotional banner, an article, a brochure or for a website. It could even be for a blog that you’re writing about your activities. Whatever it is, anyone who has access to the DAM system will be able to easily retrieve the assets they want with no trouble. And the best part is that all the assets will be tagged for easily locating and retrieving the ones you want. Digital Asset Management for nonprofits helps everyone access assets anytime they want.
Digital Asset Management for nonprofits

Safe storage

Remember when a celebrity supported your cause five years back? You need those photos and images immediately, because she’s just agreed to publicly promote you for the next few months. So naturally, a press release is in order.
If you’re using a DAM system, you know that your assets will be safe no matter how long back they were created. Digital asset management for nonprofits helps preserve history.

Reuse assets

Repurposing content will be a big part of any charity or nonprofit organization. Say you have a charity drive on Thanksgiving Day. You will need a web page, brochures, banners, promotional content and a lot more at hand to give away to people. This is where versioning will help you out a lot. You might have different versions of the same image with minor changes or in different sizes.
Digital Asset Management will help you store, sort and keep track of all these versions.

Scale your storage as you grow

Once the cause you are supporting raises awareness, more and more people will be interested in volunteering or donating. When your organization grows, your assets grow with you. So having a storage system with limited capabilities won’t work out great in the long run.

Improve accountability

Every nonprofit will have an accounting system in place. DAM isn’t just for your images and videos. Store important documents and reports in a DAM and secure their access.
Are there are any other ways by which charities and nonprofits can leverage DAM? Let us know in the comments.

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