Digital Asset Management for Sales & Marketing

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Show On The Cloud is a Digital Asset Management tool that helps businesses and organizations everywhere efficiently consolidate and manage their digital assets.

So what is Digital Asset Management (DAM)? Digital Asset Management is the archival, retrieval, tracking, manipulation, re-purposing, interaction with and transaction of all types of digital media, such as text documents, illustrations, images, audio and video files. Digital Asset Management includes the process of creating, manipulating, distributing and accessing of digital assets.
In today’s technology and business environment, the number of digital assets for companies and organizations around the world are growing exponentially. As the numbers of digital assets keep growing, the infrastructure and people resources that a company needs to support and manage them continue to increase. As a result, expenses and costs for the company soar. It is more and more apparent that a concentrated effort needs to be made to manage the process of creation, storage, archival and retrieval, workflow, distribution and access of digital assets. Show On The Cloud is the perfect tool to manage this process. It is a single tool that helps you organize, manage, archive, manipulate, interact with and share your digital assets! Best of all, Show On The Cloud is affordable, fast and secure!

Digital Asset Management System

So what are the advantages of using Show On The Cloud for your Digital Asset Management needs?
Centralize in the cloud
Photos, videos, documents and other digital assets, all easily accessible anytime and anywhere in the world for sales marketing, communications and creative teams. No hardware to buy or software to install. Enjoy Digital Asset Management online!
Easy sharing of digital assets/SHOWcializing
Share and collaborate with colleagues, clients and stakeholders with a simple click of a mouse. No more FTP or emailing large files! Show On The Cloud lets you create Shows, which are a collection of your digital assets, and share them in a beautiful Email template!
Comprehensive up to the minute analytics
Through Show On The Cloud’s detailed metrics and analytics, every time you send a Show or transfer files and digital assets, you can find out if your customer opened your show, when they opened it, what they clicked in the show and how they interacted with it. This way you can personalize your interaction with customers, thus building a relationship!
Security you can count on
The security of your digital assets is our top priority. Show On The Cloud hosts all of your digital assets and data on the Amazon EC2 & S3 server. We also do regular backups of all your data.
Beautifully branded
Your brand is critical to your business. Show On The Cloud fully integrates your brand for a professional look. Transfer and Share files among customers, media & partners, and do it all with your brand name and logo professionally and prominently displayed!
Our goal at Show On The Cloud is to help organizations with their Digital Asset Management needs and to be a key component of sales organizations across the world. We strive to enhance the sales process and make it more efficient. Our idea is simple: Show On The Cloud = World class Digital Asset Management + File Sharing = Improved Sales & collaboration = Better long term customer relationships = MORE MONEY for you!
Sign Up NOW for Show On The Cloud and start saving yourself tons of money!!

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