10 Amazingly Effective Sales Presentation Ideas

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Sales Presentation Idea

Pitching a great presentation to clients is not an exact art.

You’ll be surprised to know that sales veterans aren’t always the smoothest talkers or hardened negotiators. What they must have however, is the ability to judge people and situations and adapt quickly. They need to know when to stand their ground and when to cut their losses.
And that can only come with practice. In the meanwhile, they need to constantly keep experimenting with different sales presentation ideas to get their point across. Here are a few ideas that will help any presentation make a mark:

1. Send them a little something before you meet

Send them captioned pictures of your company or the people they will be working with in the future. Send them a voicemail with an intriguing question and promise that you’ll reveal the answer during the presentation. Pique their interest by sending them a product sample. Make them start thinking about you even before the presentation starts.

2. Don’t make text heavy slides

Don’t include much text except the title in your presentation if possible. This way you’re not boring them and when some text does pop up on screen, they know it’s something important.

3. Challenge instead of giving an introduction speech

Before you start reeling off an introductory speech about when your company was founded and listing all the locations you have an office in, show them your competitor research and issue a challenge that you can do whatever you do better than those other guys.

4. Show proof, statistics and previous work

Now that the challenge is issued, follow through with proof. Show them case studies, statistics, examples of your previous work all in the context of comparison with the general market. If a close competitor has better numbers than you, focus on other factors like flexibility or pricing.
Sales Presentation Idea

5. Hit them in the funny bone

No matter how great your presentation is, there will always be a couple of people who are letting their minds wander. They say that when a humorous message coincides with advertising objectives it enhances recall, evaluation and purchases intention. Crack an opportune joke once in a while. You’ll notice that people will automatically start paying attention to what you’re saying.

6. Take it outside the office

If you are only pitching your presentation to a few people, suggest having a coffee or grabbing lunch after the presentation. This will give your clients time to get comfortable around you and ask you the questions that really matter.

7. Keep it short

Never extend a presentation more than 15-20 minutes. If absolutely necessary, announce a short break every 20 minutes so people don’t get tired. This is not so much a sales presentation idea. It’s absolutely necessary.

8. Drop names, numbers, anything to keep them hooked

This doesn’t mean that you should pull out everything that sounds impressive and announce it proudly. Drop names in conversations about previous work and benefits. When you’re talking about statistics, tell them where you’re delivering way above the market average. They’ll notice the little things.

9. Don’t use too many buzz words and jargon

If you want to sound sincere and genuine, lose the marketing speak. Be plain and concentrate on one or two things that you do well instead of reading through a large list of features. But do be enthusiastic. The one or two things that you mention should be so compelling that it gets them interested enough to read about the rest of the features later.

10. Switch tactics

If one medium is not working for you, switch to another. If the PowerPoint looks like its putting people to sleep, whip out a gallery app on your tablet and show them your portfolio. Still not working? You need to start taking questions from the floor and encouraging engagement.
Do you have any sales presentation ideas that work for you? Tell us about them in the comments.

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