Employ These 4 Sales Enablement Strategies to Nail B2B Sales

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“Branding is not just about being seen as better than the competition. It’s about being seen as the only solution to your audience’s problem.”


What better way to start this blog about nailing B2B sales other than John Morgan’s thoughtful quote?

Business-to-business sale is no silly joke. Over the past decade, it has materialized as a specialty in its own and adapting our marketing strategies to cope with the change has become indispensable. The process, from start to end, is quite complex and needs to be thought through thoroughly.

You don’t have to worry so much, if you adopt this best B2B marketing strategy – Sales Enablement. When we say sales enablement, collaboration of sales and marketing is undoubtedly involved. So, how enabling your sales and marketing teams with sales enablement solution help you seize B2B sales? Let’s dig in deep:

1. Make Matter Matter!


Yeah, and by that we mean making the content your team takes across to matter the most. Standardizing how your teams project your product or service is very crucial. Agreed, it is tough. But you will thank yourself if you start concentrating on it. Make sure your brand’s identity and mission remains homogenous across teams. The collaterals that your marketing teams prepare must stay in close terms with the message your salespersons would convey over call. This is very critical because if done otherwise the chances of losing your customers will increase.

Maintaining harmony between your sales and marketing teams will work wonders and helps you close deals faster. Let your sales and marketing teams meet and strive towards creating quality content that lifts your stand one step up than your competitors.

2. Data Determines Your Day



There’s absolutely no hype attached to this. We are living in the world of big data and are definitely experiencing a data shock with the voluminous amount of data we are overfed to. But utilizing such data in an effective way helps you develop insights that would actually work. Engage your customers with original research, reports and what they can expect from your brand with the marketing insights you project.

The following 2 ways can help you better your engagement with customers:

  • Analyze active user behavior and collect data
  • Conduct surveys of your target audience

3. Create Content Over Crisis



Sometimes unless we get down there and talk, we won’t know. Staying in good terms with your sales team primarily includes being in alignment with them. That means, knowing their pain areas. Ask your sales team: What they think is the most difficult part in selling a particular product? What alternate ways are they employing? What kind of questions they are being asked by the prospects when pitching for a given product?

Building content over answering these questions will turn out to be an engaging read for your customers. Plus, great marketing collaterals that your sales team can share seamlessly.

4. Create a Need for Your Solution












Well, if you thought we are asking you to trick your customers. Nope, we aren’t.

Creating a need for your solution is the key here. Say if your product has numerous features that other products in the market haven’t even thought about. But what if your prospect doesn’t see a need for it when your salesperson explains over phone? Worthless, right?

The best way to make your customers believe that they need your solution is by customizing a story around their business needs and putting through with a right message. It works the best when you team it up with great videos.

B2B sales are challenging but with the right ways employed at the right time, you can seal the deal spot on.

Got other ideas to add up? We’d love to hear them!

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