Exploring DAM Services for Professional Photographers

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Digital asset management encompasses everything that happens to an image after it's created and launched into the world.

Where do you store it? How do you share it? How do you categorize and find it when you need it? Who can see it? These questions may seem basic, but they form the backbone of DAM. And DAM isn’t just for a niche segment of users who handle high volumes of data.
DAM services are for everyone who has a large enough number of files to warrant the use of a CMS and the concept of using digital asset management is gaining popularity in photography communities.
Think about it. As a professional photographer, you deal with and own high quality, expensive images and often have a large collection of them. You earn your bread and butter by delivering these photos to the right people at the right time. And you repurpose old photographs whenever the opportunity arises.
This is not very different from companies who need DAM services to manage their considerable digital assets.

Digital Asset Management System

One of the main advantages that Show On The Cloud gives photographers is a safe place to store their work that can be accessed from anywhere. Say you’re on vacation in Venice and a couple you’ve just met show interest in having a professional photographer document their first gondola ride and other interesting experiences. But they’re also hesitant about hiring someone without having seen their work.
You have a few local copies of your photographs but they’re all nature shots and that’s not what they’re looking for. They want portraits and cityscapes. With Show On The Cloud, all you have to do is pull out your phone or laptop, quickly search for all related photos, put them together as an attractive online presentation and share it with the couple. In under a minute, you’ve earned yourself new customers.
You don’t have to rely on pen drives and local storage that can get lost, misplaced or destroyed. And the best part is that you don’t have to send your raw data to the clients. Show On The Cloud has permissions to make sure your content is protected. You can set appropriate permissions so that people can only view your files and will not be able to download or modify them in any way.
There is also a versioning option to upload several takes of the same shot. Try different techniques to capture a picture, upload them as versions and use the one you like best. The rest of the images are still accessible, but they don’t add any clutter when you look at all your files in one go.
Have you used Show On The Cloud for managing your photographs and images? Tell us what you love about it and what you feel needs improvement in the comments section.

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