3 Holiday Content Sharing Ideas That Work

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Holiday Content Sharing Ideas

The holidays are in full swing and things are slowing down at work.

While you’re not going to find many customers coming in at this time of the year, it’s still important that you keep at your content marketing strategies.
Here are a few holiday content sharing ideas to help keep your marketing running for the next couple of weeks:

#1 Make Themed Presentations

Instead of talking about your products or services, switch over to talking about what your customers will be interested in. It doesn’t just have to be about family or vacations. Most professionals will be trying to get marketing and sales ideas for the holidays as well. You can solve any common issues that you find online for the holidays and build your authority image.
Apart from this, integrate holiday elements into your website design, newsletters and presentations. Another great idea is sending out existing presentations to clients and leads with a holiday theme.
Holiday Content Sharing

#2 Holiday Sales Case Studies

If you have a strategy that works for the holidays, send it out!
Appeal to the 24/7 businessmen in your clients lists by creating and sending presentations with holiday sales case studies. They will be curious enough to click on your presentation, and if they learn something new or interesting from it, you’ve gained another loyal customer for the next year.

#3 Personal engagement

Make holiday presentations and blog and social posts that don’t talk about your business at all. Greeting cards, general shout-outs to people asking them to have great time, engaging with your customers’ social media posts about their vacations and sending them suggestions or interesting news about their holiday spot or a particular product they want to buy will give you a better recall factor after the holidays.
We hope that you found these holiday content sharing ideas useful. Share your own by leaving a comment (it’s really easy).

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