How Are We Different From Gmail?

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The other day at an Enterprise Architecture Framework conference, we were introducing a few people to Show On The Cloud.

We were very happy with the positive reaction we received towards the product.But one particular question caught our attention. “How is it different from Gmail?” This is our answer.
First of, let’s begin with our customers. Gmail is a nice convenient informal Email exchange product. It is convenient to send a quick one or two liner and to attach a few pictures or files along the way. On the other hand, Show On The Cloud is meant for companies and organizations, corporates and business minded people. Show On The Cloud is meant for those people who value things like presentations. Presenting yourself in a neat professional way is extremely important. Just think about the following.
You receive an email through Gmail with a few pictures, documents and other files attached. When you open the email all you see are a list of the attachments that you then have to download to view. Instead, when you receive a Show through Show On The Cloud, all of the pictures, documents and other files are neatly presented on a beautiful template. Clicking on an image will open it up in a nice presentation format. Just look at the picture below to see how professional a Show looks!


Not just that, receiving an Email through Show On The Cloud looks a lot more professional than Gmail.
Take a look at this picture below. All you have to do is click on the “View Show” button to see all of the files beautifully and professionally presented in the Show.


Show On The Cloud has more advantages to it as well. Show On The Cloud allows you to add your organization’s brand logo, or your personal logo, to all the Shows you send. With Show On The Cloud you will never lose track of your Email communications and the files shared. Imagine having a twenty Email long thread with a client with constant exchanges of files and documents. To go back and search the Email thread for documents and communications would be a nightmare. Instead Show On The Cloud saves all exchanges of messages, files and documents conveniently within the application for easy access at all times.
So sign up for Show On The Cloud and start sending professional looking Emails right away!

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