How Show On The Cloud is Different from DropBox and Google Drive.

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“What can I do with Show On The Cloud that I can’t do with DropBox and Google Drive?”

We get this a lot. Show On The Cloud does have a file storage aspect to it that makes it easy for people to group it with similar applications. DropBox and Google Drive are the hottest file sharing and file management applications in the market today, but Show On The Cloud goes beyond just file storage.
The difference is that we’re geared for business.
We’ve already explained how we’re not just a file storage service. Once you create a domain with us, you have access to the three sides of Show On The Cloud:
  1. Online Presentations a.k.a the shows,
  2. Project Management, and
  3. User Management.
Shows vs. Folders
Shows can be made up of anything you want your customer to see like images, videos, presentations, screenshots, word documents, and pretty much any other file you want to share with them but shows are not folders. The in-built multimedia player seamlessly ‘plays’ these files in the order that you choose.
So for instance, instead of sending your customers a bunch of unsorted images or videos, you can send them a sorted show that they can just play to see everything you want them to see in one continuous stretch. And you can create and share as many shows as you like.
If you have updated files, you don’t need to create a new show for them. Just choose the easy versioning option to upload multiple versions of the same file and choose the version you want to use for that show.
Project Management Made Easy
Say, you’ve sent out the show to multiple customers or people that you want to share your files with and you want to know who’s interested in what you have to offer. How do you find out?
Reports: Reports are insanely useful when you’re running a business. Face it, we love metrics, analytics, figures, numbers and anything that lets us know that our content is being received and received well. Show On The Cloud has a Reports functionality that will let you see who is opening and clicking on your shows.
Once all your recipients open your show and go through it, they can easily tell you what they like and don’t like about it using these options:
The markup tool: This lets the customer directly insert feedback into the show itself. See how it’s done here.
Comments: The customer can also leave comments about the entire show.
User Management for Teams that Use Show On The Cloud
Show On The Cloud lets you store a repository of contacts. With user management, you can also assign roles (member and manager).Members can see the shows you assign to them and share them with your contacts under your domain. On the other hand, managers can create their own shows in your domain.
To sum up, Dropbox and Google Drive have been made keeping in mind users who want to move their files to the cloud and share them. Show On The Cloud was made for people and businesses that want to show their files to people in a structured way that looks appealing and get feedback about them.
Save, sort and SHOWcialize with Show On The Cloud.

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