Link your Sales and Production Teams through Show On The Cloud

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One of the primary selling points of Show On The Cloud is that it can help bridge the gap and clean up the transition between the sales process and the production process. What exactly does this mean?

The sales process involves a lot of back and forth between the client and the sales team of a company. There usually are a lot of exchanges of Emails, files, documents and a lot more. Somewhere along the way, by the time the deal is struck and the sale is made to the client, all of these files and documents are all over the place. This is problematic because when it is time for the production teams to start working on the project, there is no continuity and no easy access to all of these files. The sales team will have to find all of the files and send it across to the production team, which is always a very inefficient and cumbersome process. There is no bridge between the sales and production teams.
ink your sales and production teams
At this stage, what you need is an easy to use, convenient and efficient integrated project management and file sharing system that can store all of your files and conversations in one place.
That is exactly what Show On The Cloud is! Check out this video for more!
Show On The Cloud helps make the sales process very efficient. All exchanges of messages, files and documents are conveniently stored within the application for easy access at all times. So when you are ready to start working on the project, you will always have a neatly organized record of all files shared between you and the client. At this point, when it is time to transition from sales to production, the production teams can easily access Show On The Cloud and all the files associated with the project. The best part is all of this can happen under only one account!
So sign up for Show On The Cloud right now and start building a bridge between your sales and production teams!

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