Make an Impressive Sales Presentation with Show On The Cloud

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Make an Impressive Sales Presentation

Sales teams need to have a large set of assets at hand to make business deals. They need to have an elevator pitch ready at all times to whip up something impressive when a prospective client shows interest.

And if your organization handles multiple products or services, it’s not an easy task juggling between assets, presentations, images, templates, documents and data.
If, on top of this, you’re using a local directory to store your files and you send them as attachments to your clients, it becomes much harder to collate and present it attractively. And with everyone on the move, you don’t always have the leeway to make an impressive sales presentation that can only be viewed on a computer. You need to send quick presentations that can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets as well.
Now imagine if you had a tool where you don’t need to painstakingly search for assets on your system and create a presentation only to have a bored audience. With Show On The Cloud, all you need to do for a great presentation is login, rearrange and hit send.
Make an Impressive Sales Presentation
The first time you login, you can upload all your assets to Show On The Cloud and categorize them into ‘shows’. Once this is done, every time you need a presentation, simply search for the assets by category, add the files you need to a new show and send the presentation. It’s only a three-step process to make an impressive sales presentation. Show On The Cloud is responsive so your clients can check you out wherever they are and whatever time it is.
On the clients’ side, they will receive a link and clicking on this link will take them to your presentation. The best part is that all your data is safe. You can set permissions to the shows which prohibits the prospective clients from downloading your work. The digital assets are also safely stored on the Amazon EC2 & S3 server. When the show opens, the files will be played to the client in the sequence that you chose.
After viewing the files online, the clients can choose to leave their feedback on the files themselves using the markup feature. So this isn’t just a presentation tool, it’s also a collaboration tool that doesn’t view the customers as passive consumers of data.
If you want to learn more about how to make an impressive sales presentation with Show On The Cloud, leave us a comment!

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