Marketing Professionals Need a Sidekick Too

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marketing professional

It’s a mad rush to get things done when you work for yourself or work in a place where deadlines are tight and everything needs to keep moving no matter what.

Online marketing doesn’t just concentrate on conversions, but on every step of the buying and support cycles. Plus there’s no ‘9 to 5 call timings’ or ‘your request will be processed within 7 days’. You’re expected to respond within minutes to social media queries and handle both criticism and praise quickly and correctly.
Online marketing also means campaigns. Lots of them. As a marketing professional, you don’t often have the luxury of taking weeks to prepare for a campaign. Design, content, news, strategies need to be thought up, collaborated on, collated and launched as quickly as possible. And when you’re handling multiple accounts, keeping track of what goes on is enough of a challenge in itself. Plus you need to do research, test your campaigns and continue the quest to find your marketing sweet spot.
marketing professional
We understand how your daily grind as a marketing superhero helps promote people, businesses and products.
But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could skip the grind and do this instead:
  • Store and collate all the images, videos, files, content and presentations you have in one single place.
  • Have an easy method to version them so you’re not trying to figure out which is the latest version – Doc1-revised-final or Doc1-final.
  • Pick from all your boxes of segregated content and quickly put them altogether in a good-looking presentation without trying to fit them all together like pieces of an annoying puzzle you can’t figure out.
  • Share bulky presentations in one click and not worry about bounced emails.
  • Have a way to track conversations with clients so it doesn’t get lost in the endless abyss of your inbox.
  • Access all the stuff on your desktop through an app – even when you’re offline.
  • Show the stuff on your app to clients because it looks good without any formatting.
  • Send your customers important messages and updates through their phones.
  • Spend all your free time doing the stuff you like and catching up on the zzz’s.
Of course, it would be amazing. Everyone in marketing wants all of these things. (We know because we do marketing.)
So here’s a little help for you from your new sidekick:
We’re going to give you a marketing tool that can help you do everything we mentioned here and we’re giving it to you free!

Show On The Cloud is the Robin to your Batman, the Chewbacca to your Han Solo, the Dr.Watson to your Sherlock Holmes.
marketing professional
Our basic plan is absolutely free to use for as long as you’d like. It gives you upto 2GB of storage space and lets you create 3 shows. Want more? All our other plans have a 14-day free trial with absolutely no strings attached. We don’t need your credit card details. You don’t have to tweet us. Or sell us your soul. We’re good.
And this is where you need to go to sign up:
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