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We have introduced an awesome new markup feature in Show On The Cloud that allows you to quickly and easily capture screenshots and leave comments on files you are viewing.

If you thought Show On The Cloud was already a powerful Project management and Presentation tool, wait till you see this new Markup feature! This takes the cake!
Markup does pretty much what the name suggests. It is a tool for you to quickly and conveniently leave feedback on files by using objects, arrows, circles, squares, text boxes and more. Any time you want to quickly leave feedback on a file your colleague or client just sent you, open up the markup tool and draw a text box with an arrow leading from the image you want to comment on. Write your comments inside the text box. Let’s put ourselves in a hypothetical situation to understand how the markup tool works.
Say for instance you are a business owner who has given a design to HTML project to a company called InfoWave. You’ve sent them all your PSD’s and ideas. All you are waiting for is the HTML website. InfoWave begins work on the first cut of the website and to get your feedback, they upload all the files in a Show and share it with you. How now will you give your feedback and each file? You cannot send a long email with the feedback for each file. That’s bad etiquette. Instead, all you have to do is open up the Show, start playing the Show, and using the markup tool, leave clear concise and specific feedback for each file in the Show. Take a look at this image below to see what a file looks like after using the markup tool on it!
And it’s not just images that you can markup. You can even markup videos. It’s a simple process:1.Play the video in the Show On The Cloud multimedia player
2.When the part you want to markup is playing, click on the markup tool
3.Our software will now take a screenshot of that scene and redirect you   to  the markup page
4.Here you can markup the screenshot whichever way you like!
Create your account now on Show On The Cloud and start marking up your files. Leave us a few comments about how you think you will use the markup tool!

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