Presenting your work vs. Collaborating on your Work

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Is there a difference between the two, and if so, is there a need to differentiate?
While browsing through the Show On The Cloud website you might have read the word “Collaboration” pop up a lot. What is collaboration?

Why is it important? How can you Collaborate using Show On The Cloud? In this post, we will explore the answers to these questions.
One of the advantages of using Show On The Cloud is the ability to collaborate on your work with your customers, friends, partners or anybody else, Anytime and Anywhere.Awesome!But why can’t you just send your files or portfolios across? Why can’t you just use one of the hundreds of other file sharing services out there to simply send them to your clients? Or why not send them as an attachment to an Email or make a nice looking PowerPoint presentation? Why is it so important to be able to collaborate?
When you are providing a service, and working with customers and clients, it is essential to build a relationship. The best way of doing that is by having a two way conversation and dialogue. By collaborating, you achieve this, and Show On The Cloud facilitates this relationship.
Say you are a technology company working on a project from a client to build an app. The client has entrusted you with the idea and asked you to build the app. Now how do you effectively communicate with your client regularly to give them project updates? Every time you finish working on a part of the project are you going to send a big Email attachment for the client to view? Or maintain one of those long annoying Email threads? That’s bad etiquette and is simply going to irritate your client. Instead, just upload all the files onto Show On The Cloud, make a personalized domain with your name, and send the link in a beautiful professional looking Email to the client. You can exchange messages within Show On The Cloud and receive feedback on your project immediately. That is collaboration.
One of the ways we help build relationships between sales teams and their customers is through reports. Through our detailed metrics and analytics, you can find out if your customer opened your show, when they opened it, what they clicked in the show and whether they spent more time or less time on a particular part of the Show. This way you can gauge their interest in the Show and tailor any future communication with the customer around what they like, thus building a relationship! Sounds simple right? Well if it does, that is good, because it really is that simple! Wouldn’t you like it if you are working with someone who clearly understands your needs and interests?
Our goal at Show On The Cloud is to be a key component of sales organizations across the world. We strive to enhance the sales process and make it more efficient. Our idea is simple – Show On The Cloud = Improved Sales & collaboration = Better long term customer relationships = MORE MONEY for you!

So sign up now and start building those relationships!

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