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In today’s technology and business environment, marketing, sales and PR are three very very important components to success.

You can have the very best Software as a Service (SaaS) product, using the latest and best technology, but if you do not market it the right way, you will go nowhere. Having a detailed comprehensive marketing strategy that covers all the bases is key to a successful business. Show On The Cloud can help you in this process.
Let’s deal with hypotheticals for a moment. Imagine you are building a world class mobile application. You have a brilliant design, an interactive and user friendly graphical user interface, all the great features in the app and most importantly, your app solves a problem. After days and days of market research you have determined that your app is something people need and you have built it to solve that specific need. Everything about the app is perfect and in order. The only thing left to do is marketing.
An important, and often forgotten, step in marketing is creating a press kit and reaching out to the press, journalists, reporters and online bloggers. These are the people with the reach and reputation within the industry. Of course the social media marketing, online marketing, SEO and other marketing strategies are important. But creating a press kit might be the most effective and important thing you can do.
Show On The Cloud is a perfect tool to help you create a beautiful press kit. A good press kit usually consists of a Press Release document, an Icon, some Promo Graphics, a Short Video, Screenshots and Information about your team, like bios and pictures. Show On The Cloud allows you to upload all of these files into a single Show, which you can later send to as many people in the press as you like. And all of this costs you just $1/ press kit! Simply upload the files onto Show On The Cloud, create a Show, add all of the files to the Show and send! Your press kit is done.
The advantages of using Show On The Cloud to send press kits does not end there. Show On The Cloud has an awesome integrated analytics feature which lets you analyze how the recipients of your Show interacted with it. Show On The Cloud uses a beautiful Email template to send a Show. Sending your press kit using Show On The Cloud will leave writers with a beautiful first impression, increasing the chances of them writing about your application.
So get started and sign up with Show On The Cloud, and start sending $1 press kits right away!

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