How to send your Resumes through Show On The Cloud?

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One of the many great things about Show On The Cloud is that it is a great presentation tool! So that got me thinking. What are some of the things we do in life that we can present over Show On The Cloud. How about our resumes? Let us explore this idea.

Show On The Cloud was not created with the intention of providing a whole new platform for resumes. However, it most certainly can be used as an unique “out of the box” way to present them. Like any good sales pitch, Show On The Cloud provide room for all the necessary information your potential employer is looking for but with the extra benefit of its brilliant multimedia player. Upload all of your documents/accomplishments onto Show On The Cloud. Whatever it is you want to present about yourself. This could be a certificate for a swimming meet you won, or a beautiful paper you published in school. What Show On The Cloud’s beautiful presentation tool allows you to do is tell a story rather than present a list. And this story will help you leave a lasting impression.
Moreover, isn’t it more fun to showcase yourself visually? Show On The Cloud allows you to present your story visually. For instance, you can upload pictures of a crazy life experience you had. Upload pictures of your graduation day, or of that snazzy trophy you have in your bedroom from science camp. Upload your recommendation letters, or a simple document with all your education, work experience, skills, and personality traits.
Oh before we forget, you can also upload videos of yourself. You can either record a video explaining why you deserve the job, or upload a recorded presentation you gave at a conference.Finally, the first impression is still very important. Make sure your Show looks good. Organize it by dragging and dropping files in the correct order you want. Change your Show theme to the theme you like. And that’s it, your resume is ready! Now send your Show in Show On The Cloud’s beautiful Email template to your future employers!
So start standing out by being unique and sign up for Show On The Cloud now to create your resume!

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