Sales Enablement Tools: Is It Time Your Company Employs One?

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Every business is trying its best to transform prospects to customers, convert those customers into happy customers and seal gainful deals. Ultimately, the aim is to generate significant new revenue that would leverage their market value. This entire process starts with your sales and marketing teams – the face of your business. Defining a clear working strategy and empowering them with strong marketing collaterals influences their productivity. But that’s the pain area.

As a business head, how can you boost your sales team’s performance and achieve realistic results? This question might leave you with a whirl of other questions. ‘Is it time to rethink the company’s selling strategy? Should the sales team be restructured? Or is it time to employ a sales enablement tool?’

Well, if you can connect with any of the following, it’s high time.

Longer Onboarding Time


01_Longer Onboarding Time
The quicker a sales rep gets attuned to your business, better the productivity. But in most cases it takes more than the intended time to get a new hire onboard, which impacts the time and money invested in training them.

You can reduce the ramp up time considerably when you have the right tools in place. With custom sales enablement tools you can empower your sales team with just-in-time marketing collaterals, making them sales ready with thorough knowledge about your products and services.

Lack of Productivity


Lack of Productivity

Productivity of a sales person remains a critical factor to assess their performance and the company’s revenue as well. Even after taking various measures you might notice that your sales team lacks leaps behind its target.

If you look closely, most of your team’s time will be spent on collecting data, preparing and presenting reports, and other repetitive activities. Automating such tasks using a CRM tool saves time and they can concentrate more on productive selling activities.

Pre-cooked Approach


03_Pre cooked Approach

Gone are the times when simply pitching products worked. Now, customization is the key. Understanding the audience and tailoring the sales pitch based on their priorities is the only winning way; a task many sales reps seem to fail.

Sales enablement tools can predict selling strategy based on changing buyer persona and other factors influencing the purchase process. This helps in assessing the upcoming situation, reforming the current strategy and adding true value to the time spent on sales talk.

With the right sales enablement tool your team can do wonders. The time is now. Why wait? Arm your sales reps now with the one that suits you.

Got a kickass idea for sales enablement? We’d love to hear it!

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