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When was the last time you read a privacy policy fully? We’re guessing it’s been a while if (like most people) you’re allergic to legalese.

Terms and conditions are often couched in legally correct, but hard-to-understand jargon. It’s much easier to just skip the whole thing and go straight to the ‘I accept’ part.
We understand how important file security is for you and your organization. That’s why we have a detailed Privacy Policy that you can easily understand to know how we treat your information and files. No legalese, we promise.
In a nutshell, we’ll never share your personal information and files with anyone and we won’t spam you. We only collect account information and usage information like OS type and time of use. We also tell you how we use cookies and log files so that this is an entirely transparent process. There is no behind-the-scenes data collection or monitoring that you need to be worried about.
If you’re satisfied with how we treat your data, but not quite sure if it’s being stored safely or if it’s safe in transit, then head on over to our FAQs section. Question no. 12 talks about the security measures we’ve taken to keep your trade secrets and confidential data safe.
We use:
  • Multi-level authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • Amazon Web Services to host our database and application servers
  • Strict security policies for all our servers
Also, we backup all our data regularly so that we don’t lose your valuable files and Shows.
At the file level, we allow you to set your own permissions for the Shows you send out. You can choose if the recipient:
  • Has to login to Show On The Cloud to view your Shows.
  • Can download the Show from the email you’ve sent.
We also give you the option to set expiry dates for your Shows. In the event that someone tries to access a confidential file a week after it was needed, it will no longer be available.
Security and confidentiality are crucial when you choose SaaS providers. Entrusting your data to someone else is not an easy decision to make when losing that data can have dire consequences. That’s why we make sure that we keep your information and files as safe as we possibly can and secure transfer of these files so that no one can misuse them.
If you’re still not entirely sold on this, just comment here and we’ll try to clear any doubts you have about our security measures.

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