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Welcome to the Show On The Cloud blog!

This will be your source of all information and updates related to Show On The Cloud. We will have some cool and interesting news updates on the latest trends in the technology world, cloud based computing,

the app space and talk about some apps or products that have caught our attention! Leave a comment and engage in some lively discussion, and help us grow our blog!

A good place to start the very first blog would be to talk a little about ourselves, who we are and why we built Show On The Cloud. InfoWave is a 15 year young company based in India (Outsourcing! OUTSOURCING! ) that primarily focused on services. In the last year or so we have seen the joys and rewards associated with building world class products and decided to branch out. Show On The Cloud is a result of this desire, hard work, professionalism and passion.


But most importantly, Show On The Cloud was conceived out of a great need. As a company that was focused primarily on providing services across the world, we have had to work with many people and organizations. In this time, we constantly tried to find tools or systems that could help us Market, Present and Collaborate with our customers. How do we store all of our projects safely in one place? How do we get our team, our clients, customers and contractors together so that we can all work

on the same thing at the same time? As service providers, we place a great emphasis on COLLABORATION. It is very important that there is a 2 way dialogue between the customer and the company. How do we achieve this collaboration?

Show On The Cloud answers all these questions! As with any product, we asked ourselves numerous times whether Show On The Cloud was useful. Will anybody use it? Will it actually benefit anybody? If so, how? And then we came to realize that if we as an organization find it extremely useful, then surely a lot of others will.

Big multinational agencies, small startups, project managers, agencies, clubs and organizations, students and professors – everybody needs to present files, collaborate and look good. Show On The Cloud is for everybody!

So sign up and let us SHOW you how!

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