Show On The Cloud for Designers

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Show On The Cloud for Designers

We’ve already written about a host of tutorials and applications for Show On The Cloud, so this time let’s take a look at one of the ways we use Show On The Cloud within our organization.

Our products and services involve creating interfaces for websites, apps, and products, and also deal with redesign. So we have a dedicated design team who is constantly working on in-house projects for our clients. This means that they need to keep collaborating and sharing content with different teams within our company and with clients many times every single day.
It’s a tedious process to send design mockups and assets by mail when they need to be viewed or approved, especially when there’s a huge amount of data to send. Your clients need to download the files to view them or wait for high quality images to load online. It’s slow, it’s annoying and we don’t want to keep our clients waiting.
This is where Show On The Cloud comes in.
All our designers have to do is create a Show and upload their files and images.These files and images in the Show can be arranged in the sequence the designer wants and video files will be played back automatically.
After the files are uploaded and a Show is created, theycan click on the Share Files button or the Share Show icon. This takes them to a page where they can create an email that will go out with the link to their show.
The team leader can now decide whether clients need to login to view the files or not through the Show’s settings thus making it secure. He or she can also give or revoke permission to download the files. If an expiry date is set, the show will only be available to the people you’ve shared it with till that date.
Once our designers send out their stuff, they don’t just receive a long email with the clients’ feedback. The people who have viewed the Show can visually leave their comments on the file or image using the Markup tool and also type in text comments if needed.
Sharing your files is easy, powerful and looks great with Show On The Cloud. If you’re a designer, give us a try. We’ll make your life simpler.

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