Show On The Cloud – Not Just a File Storage Service

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A common misconception about Show On The Cloud is that it is yet another online storage service like DropBox, Box, Sky Drive, Google Drive or Copy.

Well, we are here to tell you Show On The Cloud could not be any more different than the above mentioned services! Let us explore the ways in which we are different.
Sure Show On The Cloud gives you a lot of storage space to keep all your files and documents. But as a service, we are more focused on the Sharing side, the Presentation side and the Project Management side. We are not a file storage service. That is just a nice added bonus you get for having a Show On The Cloud account!
Instead, Show On The Cloud actually adds value to your Dropbox and Box accounts. We allow you to import all files stored elsewhere into Show On The Cloud, because it is our belief that what you do with your files is more important than where you store them.
Show On The Cloud lets you upload all your files and documents and add them as a Show. You can then share the Show in a professional looking manner. Add your company logo and name to the Show, and send it away in a beautiful email template. The difference with other storage services mentioned above is in the way you view the files. While in DropBox and Box you have to download each file that is shared to you, Show On The Cloud lets you view all the files without having to download them. Of course, if you would like to download the files to view offline, you can do that as well!
Where Show On The Cloud really differentiates itself from file storage services is in the Presentation tool and Project Management capabilities. The brilliant multi media player seamlessly presents files, documents, images and videos in a beautiful continuous manner. By dragging and dropping, all files can also be sequentially arranged to be presented in a continuous flow. Check out this post to see how you can convert your PowerPoint slides to beautiful Shows.
Project Management is another important feature of Show On The Cloud. With any project management tool, it is important that there is an easy and convenient back and forth between manager and team. If your team is working on a project, say a design project, they can upload all of the latest designs they are working on. This they will make into a Show and send to you to review. Using the markup tool, you can leave exact feedback on each design by adding text boxes, arrows, and more. You can even markup video files!
That’s not all, there is more you can do in Project Management. The Show On The Cloud user management module allows you to create an administrator account from where you can assign roles and manage your teams. You can also assign and restrict certain contacts and Shows to each member in your team! Take a look at this short video to see how User Management works.
Before we forget, we should mention the analytics and reports side of Show On The Cloud. Unlike file storage services, Show On The Cloud lets you see and analyze what people are doing with your files. Do they seem to be clicking on a particular link more than the other or are they spending a lot of time on one Show? You can analyze all of this!
As you can see there is a lot more to Show On The Cloud than just a file storage service. Check out this video to get a full understanding of the extent of Show On The Cloud’s capabilities. Also, don’t forget to set up your account! If you are unsure about setting up an account, you can try a free trial account! We’re sure that you will love it!

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