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Show On The Cloud is a multi-faceted and dynamic tool.

Through this blog, we have spoken of how it can be used for Acupuncture purposes, used by sales teams as a presentation tool, and by everybody as a resume tool. Today we will look at another example use of Show On The Cloud. How can real estate developers and property developers use Show On The Cloud to SHOWcase their best work?
The other day, someone in our office was interested in buying a house. So naturally, they got in touch with the developers of the housing community. They had a great face to face interaction, which ended up with the sales guy promising to send brochures and pictures and other essential information about the property. Surprisingly, the sales guy sent all of the information as an email attachment! Completely put off at the thought of downloading 20 MB worth of files in his email, our colleague fired a strongly worded email asking the sales guy to send the files professionally. He recommended the use Show On The Cloud.
Promptly, the sales guy set up an account and created a Show with all of the files in it. He then Shared the Show. Completely unprompted, he commented about the remarkable ease and speed at which he was able to upload and Share all the files. So that got us thinking.
Besides easily sharing files, what are the other advantages property developers have in using Show On The Cloud?
For starters, Show On The Cloud is great for uploading pictures of the house being built, while giving constant updates about the progress. For instance, if Phase 1 of the construction is done, you can take a few pictures of it and send it across to your client. The client can then go through the pictures and using the markup tool, can easily leave any feedback! Here’s an example of the markup tool in action!
Alternatively, you can take a few short video walk through’s of the house being built, and then upload the videos into Show On The Cloud. From the perspective of the buyer, this would give them a great feeling of seeing the progress of the house, and, allows them to visualize how it looks!
You can even share the CAD drawings of the apartment or house with your customer so that he can forward it to his Interior Decorator. We have heard of innumerable instances where the drawings get changed and that comes as a surprise to customers. Show On The Cloud becomes the central repository of the latest and greatest on your property.
Finally, after the deal is closed and done, you can upload all of the essential documentation required from the buyer. The buyer can open the Show and read all the documentation. If anything is missing, he can upload those files and send it across. An easy and convenient way to Share files back and forth!
Tell us what you think about using Show On The Cloud in this scenario in the comments section below. Sign up for your free account now to give it a try!

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