Showcasing Show On The Cloud’s Backend Application for the Chuck White Music App

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So we’ve already told you how Show On The Cloud doubles up as an online presentation tool and as a Digital Asset Management system. But the possibilities don’t end there. We can also act as a backend server for your apps.

In an out-of-the-box collaboration, we worked with Chuck White to help him share his music via a native iPhone app (the Chuck White music app) and it worked out great!
So how and why did we link up Show On The Cloud with an app?
The Problem
There are a few issues when it comes to creating a music app if the songs are a part of the app.
  • For one, updating the app with new tracks will involve a resubmission of the app itself to the app store.
  • Apart from the effort involved, this will delay updates unnecessarily. Getting any iOS app resubmitted and approved can take anywhere from a week to ten days.
  • The native app size increases with the number of files you add to it.
How did the Show On The Cloud Team Crack It?
We brainstormed the issues involved in creating the music app and came up with a simple solution: don’t let the content weigh down the application.
We decided to use Show On The Cloud as a backend repository that’s independent of the native app. So our developers created an API through which music files stored in our tool can be accessed by the music app via an internet connection. No mess, no hassle.
The process is fairly easy: open an account with us, create a show with your files (both audio and video – but please check with us about format types before you upload the files), and talk to us about your requirements. We’ll take a look at your front end and create an API that will access the files in your show and let people play it via the app.
The Benefits
  • No app resubmission woes. You can add, delete and change files in Show On The Cloud and the changes will reflect automatically in your app.
  • Plus you can do it all by yourself. Anyone can learn to use Show On The Cloud in a snap.
  • It’s only a one-time dependency. We create the API and help you get started and get going with the setup. If you need any updates to the content after that, you can easily take care of it yourself.
  • It’s less expensive, but it’s very efficient.
Do you Have Different Needs?
Have your own music and need an app to share it with the world? Create an account with Show On The Cloud, pay for our backend services and we’ll create an app for you, free of cost.
Yeah, you heard right. You get the app for free with a Show On The Cloud subscription.
If you already have a similar app that you’ve created for other platforms like Android, we can replicate the same results for you. Show On The Cloud can be used for any kind of content when you want to build an app, from text (news apps) to images (photo apps) to audio and video files.
If it’s a little more complicated than that and there are a few more kinks that we need to iron out for you, we’re still game. Talk to us and find out how we can help you.

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