The Importance of Getting Comprehensive Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback doesn’t just start at the point where users start buying your product or using your service and find problems with it.

Although that’s where your real barrage of feedback is going to come rolling in, customer feedback starts much earlier in the project or marketing cycle.
Marketing Material Feedback
Once you send your prospective customers your marketing material and they’re interested, they’re sure to have some questions. Of course, you’re going to talk to them as much as you can in this stage and clear all their doubts, but it doesn’t hurt to have a detailed FAQ section.
And effective FAQs can only be created when you listen.
What are the most commonly misunderstood parts of your material? Is there sufficient product clarity? Are people puzzled about a feature you’ve mentioned?
Ask your customers to get back to you with feedback about your marketing material and FAQs, not just your product or services. You can then use this information to make your marketing material work harder for you.
Process Feedback
Once the customer’s signed on for your services or brought your product, feedback still plays a vital role. If they’ve signed up for a service, talk to them about any difficulties that they might have during the registration process. Did it take too long? Was online registration a simple process?
If they’ve bought a product from you, ask them about how long it took to get delivered or if they faced any difficulties with the delivery schedules.
Service and Product Feedback
This is part where customers need you to listen and respond to their queries the most. This is also when they’ll be most forthcoming with information. Take advantage of it and actively fix issues and make attempts to improve your product based on requests and suggestions. At the same time, make sure you’re not wasting your time on feedback that is not valuable.
Address specific issues and ask for specifics when it isn’t provided. Design feedback forms that are intuitive and intelligent so that you’ll get clearer, more concise answers.
Maintenance Feedback
Customers appreciate good maintenance and a quick response. Most repeat purchases and subscription extensions are made based on how good the after sales service or maintenance is. So take the time and effort to provide good maintenance.
In the event that people are opting out or not returning to you, don’t just bombard them with questions about why they’re leaving and leave it at that. Provide discounts or maintenance vouchers and see what they say. If they stay at any point, you’ve just found out where the problem lies.
If you streamline your product or service based on what your customers say, you’ll find that complaints go down and repeat customers become the norm. And everyone knows how important loyal customers are to build a successful business.

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