How to Use Social Media to Accelerate Sales

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sales team, social media

Sales teams are usually more comfortable with picking up the phone or meeting a client face-to-face.

It’s understandable because the human touch is vital in their business. People in sales need to sell themselves before they sell a product so the right body language and confident conversation are a very important part of their toolbox.
sales team, social media
But there is another tool that can boost sales in the digital age: social media. While marketing teams are usually active on social media, sales teams take a backseat when it comes to online interaction with their leads that extends beyond emails.
Sales teams don’t need comprehensive knowledge of social media and they don’t need to learn how to be social media superstars overnight. But following a few simple tactics online can help them in their offline interactions with potential and existing clients. Here’s a step by step process of how sales teams can use social media:

Use LinkedIn to Make Connections

LinkedIn is one of the places where you can easily identify key decision makers in a particular company. Building your connections is not very difficult and you can always reach out to someone via a discussion that they’ve started or by commenting on their posts. In fact, simply viewing someone’s page in LinkedIn will make you visible to them because LinkedIn displays visitors to the profile owner.
sales team, social media
If you want to be more direct, you can send the prospective lead you’re interested in a message. Are you finding it hard to connect with someone? Check for mutual connections and ask for an introduction. You’d be surprised how far that will get you.

Use Facebook to Research leads

Do you have a call with an important lead? Do your research via LinkedIn and Facebook. Find out if you’re familiar with anything about them like organizations they’ve worked for or schools and colleges that they’ve studied in. Do you share a common hobby or a technical interest? All these details are important in building a better relationship with that person. This is where the human touch comes in.
sales team, social media

Use Twitter to Engage Leads

Once you’ve identified leads and researched them on social media, it’s time to pick up the phone and call. After all this, the chances are good that your leads are already aware and curious about you. But once you’ve got the ball rolling, Twitter will help you keep your leads engaged.
Retweeting, replying to and engaging with your leads tweets can help build conversations between you that are not just related to project scopes and commercials. This fosters a better relationship and also helps recapture interest when leads are drifting away.
Even if they’re not interested in doing a project or buying from you, you’ve still added another influential person to your network. And this makes it easier for you the next time you search for new leads and try to connect with them.
Unlike marketing teams, sales teams shouldn’t use the official company account. Using a more personal account increases credibility and trust. But it should be made clear that they’re using that particular account in an official capacity only. This will help them keep their personal and official social media lives separate.
If there are any ways you’ve leveraged social media as a sales team, what did you do and how did it help?

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