Using Show On The Cloud as a Collaboration Tool

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collaboration tool

We’ve talked to you before about how Show On The Cloud is great if you need an online presentation tool or a digital asset management system.

You might also know about the user management side of Show On The Cloud.

Show On The Cloud – A Collaboration Tool

Putting all of this together, Show On The Cloud is in fact, a collaboration tool. Yes, we do DAM and online presentations, but what we really want to give you is a tool that will facilitate conversations with your customers. This is much harder to define than an online presentation or a DAM system mainly because there are several factors working together to give you not just a product, but an experience.

The User Journey

Your journey with Show On The Cloud begins when you sign up. Then you do regular stuff like uploading your files and sorting them into shows. You store versions of a single file, favorite them and easily drop them into the shows you’ve created. This is where you manage your digital assets.
Then you add contacts. You can sort them into groups like ‘work’, ‘friends’ and ‘9th grade band’. Now you can share your files and shows with your contacts. When you share, a link to your show goes out to the contacts you choose. And to make it look even better, we let you choose from four email templates when you share your work.
collaboration tool
At this point, your show is not just about you, but also about the person receiving it. We let you set permissions to restrict access to your valuable assets and let you choose whether you want to receive feedback from the recipient or not.
If you do want feedback, you don’t need to worry about long email threads. We have a nifty markup functionality that allows your recipient to leave visual feedback on the file itself.
If you’re leading a team, the user management functionality will allow people to access your shows and contacts but it will be restricted based on your input.

And That’s How You Do It

Collaboration is a team effort. It involves assets and presentations, sure. But more than anything it’s about the people. We make good presentations so that people will like them. We have DAM so that people can keep tabs on and access assets easily within an organization. We have a markup feature because we want customers to feel that clunky feedback emails aren’t the only way to go.
We call Show On The Cloud a collaboration tool because it’s about people.

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