Why You Can’t Ignore DAM If You’re a Growing Company

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Digital Asset Management is a very real need for promising organizations and one that you can’t afford to put off any longer.

Let’s say you work in an up-and-coming creative agency. You organize and keep track of all your digital content yourself. You neatly catalogue everything and you know how to find all your files. So far, so good. You haven’t needed a DAM system yet.
But what happens a few years down the line?

Digital Asset Management System

Your Data Grows With You
The amount of data you’re handling now is going to go boom. As time goes by, your data will accumulate, incoming data will increase exponentially and it snowballs into an avalanche of information that you simply can’t manage on your own. Well, you can just implement a DAM system at that point right? Sure you can, but it’s not going to be easy migrating to a new system when you have so much data on your hands.
Plan for the future of your organization and chart out a road map for data growth. You’ll see why you really need to get started using DAM for your content now.
Versioning Hell is Around the Corner
Once you send out a file to someone who needs it, they’re probably going to make changes and store a local copy. The cycle continues till your data is modified by a long string of people and all of them have a different version with them.
Having a versioning system and the ability to keep all your data, no matter who modifies it, in one place is one of the main reasons DAM is becoming a necessity for large organizations.
You’ll Have to Factor in File Sharing
You keep sending people the files they want now, but it can’t go on forever. You can always have a shared folder where your colleagues can access the files, but then searching for the assets they want can suck up a lot of their time. As assets grow, search time will increase as well if you don’t have a good digital asset management strategy.
With a DAM system in place, sharing becomes so much simpler. And you can set permissions for your files, so that your content is protected and you’re always in control.
DAM Services are a Step Closer to Your Own DAM System
If you’re a small to mid-sized company, subscriptions to DAM services maybe all you need. But if you foresee a future where your organization is going to go global or if its growth rate will firmly put it in the large company list, then having your own DAM system will be your best option.
In the future, companies offering DAM services will be moving towards the platform approach. In fact, big players in the industry already have. They will be building platforms that you can use to create your own in-house DAM systems.
Don’t delay your decision to implement DAM, because in the long run it will significantly increase efficiency and productivity. If you want some figures before you can make up your mind, we’ll leave you with an interesting infographic about why DAM still matters.

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